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ThoughtWorks is a global consultancy that helps companies solve some of their toughest business challenges through technology. It has averaged 20% year-over-year headcount growth for the last decade with customers spanning industries including retail, government, education, healthcare, entertainment, and transportation.


Many “ThoughtWorkers” work outside of their offices, and the company has its largest development centers in India and China and major hubs in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Australia, and Singapore. A truly distributed organization, the company has no designated headquarters and even typical “corporate” functions like human resources, finance, and marketing are decentralized.

“With clients and projects distributed across the globe, it's critical for us to be able to work effectively across a range of locations and contexts,” said David Whalley, ThoughtWorks CIO. “Much of our success can be attributed to the quality of our people, and their ability to share knowledge and collaborate wherever they are.”

“We are seeing a massive increase in video use across the organization,” said Andy Yates, ThoughtWorks IT Business Partner. “The difference is incredible, even over the last few years. It is changing work patterns. People are realizing they are not tied to the physical office. More people are working at customer sites, from home or on the road, and there is a growing comfort with that.”

ThoughtWorks was facing challenges including:

  • Streamlining and consolidation of tools
  • Improving accessibility to richer collaboration using video-enabled communications


With a desire to move to a server-less environment as a company, ThoughtWorks put its communications strategy on the table for review.

"Increasingly our applications were SaaS - just as we advise our own clients. We were heavy users of cloud. And we saw that desk phones were disappearing, replaced by VoIP, softphones, and lots of web-conferencing." Andy Yates, ThoughtWorks

ThoughtWorks made the decision to replace fragmented voice and video communications tools with one software platform from Fuze with key integrations into tools like Okta and Google calendars to drive a seamless experience and employee adoption.

"We found that where there’s choice, there’s a cost, in the negotiation of which tool to use for any given conversation. Removing unnecessary choices improves the user experience." Andy Yates, ThoughtWorks

Fuze provided a phased cloud communications strategy for ThoughtWorks based around a single software platform.

  • Integrations:
  • Google Calendar, Okta — single sign on, user provisioning
  • Tools replaced:
  • Vidyo, GoToMeeting, LiveStream, Asterisk, Global Crossing (Audio)
  • Key use cases:
  • Distributed team meetings - scheduled and ad-hoc
  • All-hands meetings for company and regions
  • Digital meeting rooms
  • Connecting communities of interest to discuss specific topics
  • Supporting multi-site customer projects
  • Multi-day interactive workshops


Eliminate costly systems

While people are increasingly mobile, meeting rooms remain a key environment where people get work done. The team had previously deployed hardware-based video conferencing systems into several meeting rooms with lackluster results. A pilot of Fuze Rooms in several settings saw higher adoption rates and positive feedback from employees. Yates and team are now deploying Fuze Rooms across locations in both formal meeting rooms and informal “huddle” room environments.

Supporting agile development teams

Building custom software solutions for customers is the company’s primary focus. Many projects include a remote development element and ThoughtWorks is seeing a sharp increase in the number of multi-site projects. Teams are typically co-located with the customer and other major stakeholders. When that is not possible, the IT organization relies on tools like Fuze that can better facilitate distributed teams in support of client engagements.

Improved alignment across the organization

With Fuze, ThoughtWorks was able to bring together its distributed workforce for company-wide meetings.

Saving time and reducing travel

Yates is seeing growing use of Fuze across the organization, particularly in areas that help people save time, like reducing the need to travel.

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